Finegold and Adams Square Off in Wednesday Debate

Sen. Barry Finegold and Rep. Paul Adams, each seeking a seat as State Senator, participated in a Lowell Sun sponsored debate on Wednesday night in Tewksbury.

Current State Senator Barry Finegold and challenging State Representative Paul Adams squared off during a Wednesday debate, with budgets and jobs being a common discussion on the evening.

Inside Tewksbury Memorial High School’s auditorium, Adams consistently told voters that spending on Beacon Hill is out of control, adding that he and other Republicans are needed to stop that trend.

Finegold, meanwhile, defended his record throughout the event, and regularly spoke about the impact he’s had in the community as well as his availability to area voters.

“The folks at Beacon Hill and the ‘go along to get along’ crowd want more of your money, and are looking for every opportunity to raise your taxes and feed their spending habits,” said Adams, when asked about a potential tax of online sales companies.

On that topic, Finegold said there is a thought that with an online sales tax, companies like Amazon may be likely to leave the state. Finegold added that he wishes there were more clarity from the federal government on the issue.

Candidates weighed in on two key ballot questions. Both Finegold and Adams sided against approving medical marijuana, saying more harm than good would likely come out of it.

When it came to so called assisted suicide, Adams said he is “morally opposed” and “vehemently against it” while Finegold said he goes back and forth on the issue, but is currently undecided.

Finegold mentioned several times about listening forums he has in his communities, something he believes shows his willingness to communicate with the towns he represents.

“I think too many times people tell you what they think and don’t take enough time listening to what you think,” said Finegold. “That’s why I think I’ve been an effective State Senator. You can’t make everyone happy. It’s hard to do. But one of the policies I’ve had, I don’t care if you agree with me or disagree with me, but I want to hear what’s on your mind.”

During his closing statement, Finegold said that while he is an effective listener, he’s also been responsive and been able to get the job done while in office.

Adams again touched on what he called out of control spending on Beacon Hill, and in his closing statement said it’s time for a change.

“I’m running to take our state in a new direction,” said Adams.

salemst October 25, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Adams is a hard working conservative guy fighting for the taxpayers to keep more of their money and helping create an environment conducive to private sector jobs cutting taxes, government regulations, and mandates as well as fighting for local aid Barry's a liberal 'go along to get along' guy--big spender. If you want a difference maker it's Paul. If you want the status quo it's Finegold
Jon Pratt October 26, 2012 at 11:52 AM
Barry has help Tewksbury. He has strongly advocated on behalf of the students in Tewksbury and was also instrumental in securing funding from the Massachusetts School Building Authority, which funded 60 percent of the project. He was a leader in passing legislation to end mismanagement and financial abuses at Special Education Collaboratives. .Barry helped Tewksbury become a “Green Community.Tewksbury eligible for $207,725 in grants.He stood up for Tewksbury’s best interests when it was forced into a bad trash contract by the state. Barry is focused on working to bring businesses and advocating at the State level fot new I-93 interchange to promote commerical businesses in Tewksbury. Reelect Barry - Status quo I think not
Marc DiFruscia October 26, 2012 at 04:51 PM
Barry did not listen to well when asked not to increase the sales tax 25% sending shoppers to NH.
Patrick Rahilly October 26, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Sadly that $207,000 about 1/2 will be used on consultants to tell us we will save .05 cents per kilowatt hour. And to make it worse, they will only hook up 1 building to the solar panels and the savings will not be seen for 10+ years, by then, they will need to be replaced for a cost, thus no savings. Second, the I-93 interchange benefits primarily Andover (shocker) and Tewksbury's South Street will become a formula 1 race track. Perhaps speeding tickets will bring in revenue for the town but aside from that, Tewksbury's benefit will be miniscule. Third, He voted FOR the following, benefits for illegal aliens (enough said on that), the healthcare bill for Massachusetts, the cigarette TAX, the Sales, meals and beer and wine TAX increases, With communities so close to the border, what could a representative or senator think when you vote yes to a sales tax with a tax-free state next door! New Hampshire liquor store in Salem NH in January 2012 had a sign that read, "Massachusetts resident appreciation week". Finally, legislative chair pay raises. Isn't there some sort of conflict of interest when you get to decide your pay raise on someone else's dime? Sen. Finegold has never met a tax he didn't like. That is whats wrong with Massachusetts, too many people willing to dish out money and benefits for votes. Do Massachusetts a favor, please vote out these tax and spend liberals and vote Paul Adams, November 6.


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