Government Overspending, Voter Communication Discussed at Tisei's Town Hall Meeting

Congressional candidate Richard Tisei met with Beverly residents on Saturday.

(Eeitor's note: The following information was submitted by the Richard Tisei Campaign.)

Congressional candidate Richard Tisei spoke to full rooms in Beverly and Tewksbury on Saturday for his latest round of in-person Town Hall Meetings.  

The majority of attendees at the events, held at the Beverly Public Library and the had never been to one of Tisei events, and were there to learn more about his stance on issues important to them. 

"These lively crowds show me just how much the North Shore is concerned about who they send to Washington," Tisei said. "Everywhere I go I hear the same concerns about partisan gridlock, and the fact that absolutely nothing is getting done to move our economy forward. With all of the bad policy out there right now--from ObamaCare to Dodd-Frank, there is no certainty in the business communities anymore.  Everyone is waiting to see how this legislation will affect them.  In the meantime, no one wants to hire, no one wants to grow their businesses until they have some idea of how this economy is going to work itself out.  This district can count on me to reach across the aisle and work toward commonsense solutions that will get this economy moving again."

Government over-spending came up at both Town Halls. There was mutual agreement among the crowd and Tisei that Washington needs to cut its spending in a strategic way that won't impair the programs that matter most to Massachusetts and the rest of America.

"With every spending bill we have to ask ourselves, 'Is this worth borrowing 40 cents on China?'" Tisei said.  

Tisei also renewed his commitment to communicating with voters, even after elected.

"If there is one thing this district is missing the most, it's a steady dialogue between residents and their Member of Congress. I am laser-focused on making sure that you all not only know what I'm doing in Congress, but will hold me accountable.  When you send me to Washington, you will hear from me again--that's a promise," Tisei said.


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