LETTER: L'Italien Is The Best Choice For State Rep.

Reader finds Rep. Lyon's legislative priorities "disturbing."

To the Editor:

Remembering the dangers and difficulties women encountered before Roe v. Wade, I am a passionate supporter of a woman's right to choose.  I don’t favor abortions; I simply acknowledge the reality that abortions will be performed, and believe the procedure should be as safe as possible for every potential patient.  A woman’s right to choose a safe abortion is threatened in too many states, but I had thought that Massachusetts was not among them.  The attacks have begun here in the guise of very disturbing legislation supported by State Representative Jim Lyons.

The legislation, House Bill 2239, consists of one sentence.  It would repeal our state law creating a 35-foot safety zone around facilities that provide abortions.  This modest "buffer zone" protects women and staff from protesters who excessively harass patients and employees.

Unfortunately, experience has shown that when protestors have not been prevented from encroaching on access to these clinics, both patients and employees have been subject to physical attacks.  Retaining the 35-foot buffer zone does not muzzle protesters; but eliminating it creates the real possibility that Massachusetts women will be subject to potentially dangerous confrontations.

It is alarming that Jim Lyons has made this bill a priority.  That such legislation could attract any support in Massachusetts is a wake-up call.  Lyons is the current representative of my district, but he does not represent the best interest of women.

Rebecca Backman

salemst November 05, 2012 at 10:39 PM
In these horrendous economic times with jobs few, taxes high, and government spending outrageous if you're a woman, like the author of this piece, who doesn't favor abortions and the most important issue to you is a 35 foot buffer zone before a woman walks into an abortion clinic, then you should definitely vote for Barbara L'Italien. In these Depressionesque economic times what other issue could we possibly care more about than a 35 foot Buffer Zone? I sure can't think of any.
Joe Bill November 06, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Is this a joke? L'Italien is a hack through and through. Hasn't she served as Director of Governmental Affairs? She is the queen of patronage jobs. Yes...let's elect this hack over Jim Lyons who is trying combat the fraudulent activities this government has enabled. He pressed Duvall on free healthcare for illegals...a 240,000,000 tab for taxpayers. But yet people support a hack who supports tax increases while taking these no-show government jobs.


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