LETTER: L'Italien Should Be Voted Back To The State House

Reader has had good experience working with former rep.

To the Editor:

As we get closer to Election Day, I'd like to tell your readers about a great experience I had, working with Barbara L'Italien, candidate for State Representative in my district.

About three years ago, my neighborhood found out that a cell phone tower was going to be built on our street. Abutters had not been notified.  We were concerned for many reasons, including possible consequences for public health, neighborhood aesthetics, and effect on property values.

I remember feeling pretty powerless at the time.  Here we were, a group of neighbors up against a large company connected to a large industry with lots of leverage and money at their disposal.

Our neighborhood group knew that only by working together with our State Representative could we stop the tower, so we contacted Barbara L'Italien.  I had met Barbara before, and found her to be a warm, sensitive, and genuinely sincere individual.  But now our group was asking Barbara to go to bat for us against a big company.  As events progressed, I was extremely impressed to see that Barbara was someone who could conduct business in a cool, efficient, and powerful manner, without sacrificing any of her personal integrity, and without hurting anyone in the process.  She approached our problem in a balanced fashion, working alongside both local citizens and state agencies.

To make a long story short, our neighborhood won the battle, due in no small part to the efforts of Barbara L'Italien.  I will never forget the combination of personal integrity and the powerful use of public office that Barbara exemplified in this event.  I'm urging everyone in our district to vote for Barbara L'Italien in the coming election.

Thank you,
Elliott Jacobowitz

salemst November 05, 2012 at 03:12 AM
If people want their taxes raised Ms L'Italien is an outstanding choice for State Representative. She successfully voted and raised the sales tax from 5% to 6,25%. As Assistant Ways and Means Chairman she led a private 4-2 Democrat majority Conference Committee directly responsible for instituting the alcohol and meals taxes being slipped into the budget without a House vote in June 2009 during an economic free fall recession proving there's never a bad time to raise them. If this tax raising episode is the writer's view of 8 year ex Representative Barbara L'Italien's "working across the aisle to get things done," imagine what else she might "accomplish?" If people want their taxes raised specially in this abysmal, arguably a double dip recession economy, ensuring a disposable family income cut wanting preferring to have less money, then vote for Ms L'Italien. She's proven her love of government expansion with utter disdain for her constituents' financial well-being. She's a servant to Democrat House leadership doing whatever they tell her to.


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