LETTER: Lyons Seems To Have an Agenda

Reader concerned about school-based health issues.

To the Editor:

As a parent, I consider my children's health and safety to be my priority.  Many families like mine depend on school nurses and other health services to keep their kids safe and healthy while they're at school.  I've had my kids in the Andover school system for years, and over that time I've seen how much good school nurses and school-based health centers can do for children when properly funded.

Mr. Lyons recently filed an amendment to the FY13 budget-- Amendment 577-- that would completely eliminate school-based health services, including all funding for school nurses.  If adopted, his amendment would gut our school health programs, forcing them to shutter their nurse's offices and close down vital anti-smoking and anti-obesity programs.  

Mr. Lyons seems to have an agenda that he is putting ahead of student health and safety.  Caring for our schoolchildren shouldn't be a partisan issue-- it should be something we can all agree on.  That's why I was so upset recently to learn that State Representative James Lyons has made children's health care a political football.  I urge my fellow citizens and parents to join me in voting against Mr. Lyons on November 6th.

Ann Fay Michaels


salemst November 02, 2012 at 09:39 PM
Would you prefer L'Italien's tax raising and accepting a 100K crony patronage government job she wasn't qualified for instead?


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