LETTER: Paul Adams Has Earned His Vote For State Senator

Reader says he can't afford another two years of Barry Finegold.

Dear Tewksbury Neighbors:

 Please join me in voting for Paul Adams for State Senator.

Paul is one of six members in the Massachusetts Legislature to receive a 100% rating from the Citizens for Limited Taxation.

Paul has fought, as our State Representative, and will continue to fight as our State Senator, to lower the sales tax to 5%, reduce the corporate income tax (MA is currently one of the highest in the nation),  and fight welfare and subsidy abuses.

Our current Senator, Barry Finegold voted to increase sales tax 25%, and the liquor tax, which sent shoppers to NH.  Barry was on board to raise the Tewksbury property tax that you overwhelming defeated in April 2012.  As a state representative Barry supported free tuition for illegal immigrants as well as Speaker Tom Finneran (Charged and convicted for Obstruction of Justice) and Sal Dimasi (charged, convicted, and imprisoned for extortion).

The” Beacon Hill Boys”, including Senator Finegold, gerrymandered Paul’s State Representative district to get him out of office.   If you can’t beat him, re-district him.  That is the “Good old Boy’s” way in the statehouse.

I cannot afford Barry Finegold as my Senator for 2 more years. Can you?

I ask you to vote for integrity, truth, transparency and lower taxes.  The honest choice is Paul Adams as your next state senator.   Vote Adams on November 6th.


Marc DiFruscia


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