LETTER: School Committee Member Endorses Finegold

Dick says Finegold has been a good friend to the Tewksbury community.

To the Editor:

 I am writing in support of Senator Barry Finegold who is currently seeking re-election for State Senator for the 2nd Essex and Middlesex District. 

Senator Finegold has been a great friend to the Tewksbury community.  He is a strong proponent for our schools, education and small businesses.  Senator Finegold supported the new high school project in town, and helped to secure funding from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), which ultimately funded 60% of the project.  He also led the mission to pass legislation to end abuses and mismanagement of the Special Education Collaborative.  This resulted in requiring the executive director of the collaborative to work more closely with the Tewksbury School Committee regarding budget and other matters. 

Senator Finegold is a small business owner.  He understands the struggles and challenges that go along with owning a business and thus, very effectively represents, supports and advocates for business owners in Tewksbury.  

 Senator Finegold has been there for Tewksbury in the past and he will be there for us in the future.  He possesses a strong sense of family and high integrity, is a local voice, and is in touch with the needs and interests of the residents.  He is extremely approachable and overall a very likeable person who just happens to do an outstanding job as our State Senator.  I wholly support Senator Barry Finegold in his quest for re-election and strongly urge all voters, regardless of party affiliation, to vote for Senator Finegold on Tuesday November 6th and re-elect him as our State Senator for the 2nd Essex and Middlesex District. 


Brian Dick




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