LETTER: Selectman Endorses Finegold For State Senator

Tewksbury Selectman says finegold has been a good friend to the community.

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of State Senator Barry Finegold.

Senator Barry Finegold has been a great friend to the Tewksbury Community.    When I need answers or support on issues going on in Tewksbury, Senator Finegold is always the first call I make.   He always responds quickly and provides detailed, honest answers.   It is refreshing to work with someone like Senator Finegold as he always provides straight answers even during difficult situations.   As a Selectman in town it is nice to calling your Senator and knowing you will get great support.

This direct, honest approach to his job was evident during the debate between Senator Finegold and his opponent.   Senator Finegold provided detailed answers, was up-to-the minute on every issue, and had great vision moving forward.   Senator Finegold realizes that we still have challenges ahead of us, but he clearly articulated how he can help make things better.   He understands the big picture and  practices financial discipline while trying to improve services for residents. 

If you are looking for a senator with integrity, who listens and cares about residents, who is transparent and works hard for his constituents, who works on both sides of the aisle to make things better for all residents, then Senator Barry Finegold is the clear choice for you.

I hope you go to the polls next week and send Barry Finegold back to the State Senate.   He is the clear choice.

Scott Wilson



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