LETTER: Sen. Finegold Has Earned Reader's Support

Reader says Finegold has made a positive difference in Tewksbury.

To the Editor:

As a member of the last graduating class of the “old” Tewksbury Memorial High School, the first graduating class in recent memory to send two students to Harvard, I can speak to just how vital our public education system has been to the success and growth of students in our community.

The importance of our schools became even more apparent to me this summer, when I had the privilege of interning in the office of our State Senator for Tewksbury, Barry Finegold.  During my few months in his office, I came to appreciate just how much time and attention Senator Finegold spends in our community. One of the most frequent topics that came up during my conversations with Senator Finegold was how we can make public education in Tewksbury even better for future generations of students.

I found it inspiring to see our elected official and his staff so dedicated to improving the classroom experience for current students like my younger sister.  Senator Finegold was especially involved in the new TMHS initiative, and thanks to his involvement, Tewksbury students are now learning in a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with all the tools needed to harness the proven talent of Tewksbury students.

I plan on voting for Senator Finegold on Nov. 6, and if you're concerned about our public schools, I encourage you to do the same. Senator Finegold has been a dedicated spokesperson for education in our community who has high aspirations for our schools and a genuine passion for seeing students in Tewksbury grow into successful and contributing members of our community.  I look forward to seeing what good things he can bring to our town in the years to come.

Nick Santosuosso


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