Local Unemployment Rates

Wondering where unemployment rates are in your area?

It's good news when it comes to unemployment rates in the Merrimack Valley. According to data released by the State Office of Workforce Development, unemployment rates have dropped from Nov. 2010 to Nov. 2011, the latest data available.

The rates also dropped over the course of a month. While unemployment rates were between 4.7 and 15.4% in October, there was a drop across the board in November as rates hovered between 4.1 and 14.4%


Community Unemployment Rate Nov. 2011 Unemployment Rate Oct. 2011 Unemployment Rate Nov. 2010 Acton  4.1 % 4.7 % 5.8 % Andover 4.6 % 5.3 % 6.4 % Chelmsford 5.4 % 5.8 %
6.7 % Dracut 6.1 % 6.7 % 8.0 % Lawrence  14.4 % 15.4 % 17.0 % Littleton  4.6 % 4.9 % 6.4 % Lowell  8.7 % 9.3 % 10.5 % North Andover  5.4 % 5.6 % 7.2 % North Reading  5.3 % 6.0 % 6.9 % Reading  4.9 % 5.5 % 6.2 % Tewksbury 5.5 % 5.9 %
7.3 % Wakefield  4.7 % 5.6 % 7.0 % Westford  4.5 % 4.9 % 6.3 %
malcolm nichols January 02, 2012 at 03:13 PM
From a relative standpoint it is better to compare the Nov 2010 vs Nov 2011. The numbers are generally better. I agree that there are many who might have jobs now that are paid substantially less than in years past (under-employed) and these reduced wages are not reflected in the rates.
Cool Fusion January 02, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Nothing has changed except the media continuing to declare the end to the downslide. Banks are still insoluble, credit cards rates are exploding and banks are expected to eat the ever increasing defaults, unemployment applications are still at 410,000+ per month, profits are dropping and margins are tight, pension plans are still 20-40% underwater and gaining losses, homes are still over valued by 20%, and we're still $15.9 Trillion in debt and adding $105 Billion per month, wages are dropping, social security is broke and no SS raises in 2010,11 and 12, health care is on the brink and hospitals are going under supporting the non-paying under and illegal classes, short bonds and CD's only returning 1/2%. Europe is in an uncontrollable downward spiral and US state budget plights resemble "Ole mother Hubbard".This economy is still on critical life support and expected to be in a comatose state for another decade. The media would do the citizens a favor and print the real facts and not print feel-good tripe for the "yes we can" crowd.. It's prime time to change our tribal political habits and vote all the incumbents out of office .. better yet.. Home Depot has a special on tar and Joannes has a lay-away plan on feathers.
Andrew Sylvia January 03, 2012 at 03:03 AM
A few days ago we also did a comparison of local unemployment versus state unemployment rates in November. http://westford.patch.com/articles/westford-mirrors-statewide-unemployment-drop-in-november-2011
Les Masterson January 03, 2012 at 02:24 PM
"Cool Fusion," we simply ran the unemployment numbers for nearby communities. Are these numbers not "the real facts" or are you referring to something else with your criticism?
Dave January 03, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Fuzzy Math


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