New Dumpster Regulations Come With a Fee

New regulations have been adopted by the Board of Health for the town of Tewksbury.

New regulations have been adopted by the for businesses and any building with a dumpster. 

Under the new regulations, dumpsters must be placed on top of an "impervious pad" made of either cement or asphalt. Lou-Ann C. Clement, public health director, said this will help prevent run-off from getting in town drains.

There are two kinds of dumpsters that need permits - short-term and long-term dumpsters. Short-term dumpsters are those that are used for renovations and constructions purposes, meaning they will not always be on the property, according to Clement.

Long-term dumpsters are those that belong to a business and will permanently be found on the property. 

The process of approval for both kinds comes with a fee. People with long-term dumpsters can expect to pay $40 for the permit for the first dumpster. Any additional one after that will cost $20, Clement said. 

Short-term dumpsters will cost $20 for 90 days, renewable for 180 days in total, according to Clement.

The reason for the new regulations, said Clement, is to keep the town from being fined by the Department of Environmental Protection in the future. Environmental and health concerns were also part of the reason for the new regulations, she said.

The regulations were adopted on April 7, and took effect on May 12. But, because of the short staff at the Board of Health, notices were sent out only three weeks ago. 

Clement said that as of now, not many businesses have complained about the new program. She's only had to field questions. 

"Our goal is to get each dumpster permitted and the locations approved," Clement said, "because it's a new regulation we'll go slow. We'll send letters and as long as people are cooperative and keep us in the loop I don't see an issue." 

There isn't a specific date set for when businesses need to have their permits ready, but Clement said they should make it a priority to begin the process as soon as notification is received.

For Phil French, manager at , the new regulations are not a problem. 

"I think they (are) fair and I think they should help the town," French said. "Everybody is trying to get their share and this is just part of running a business."

malcolm nichols August 19, 2011 at 03:45 PM
What I don't understand is the basis of the fee. The amount of the fee needs to be based on the cost. What are the expenses of the health dept specifically for dumpsters? Are there quarterly dumpster inspections? etc???
Mary Ellen Fernald August 19, 2011 at 07:30 PM
Complaints are sent to and received by the Health Director, not the BOH. She makes all the decisions and checks on all the complaints, not the board. The BOH votes on the matters that she brings up. Board of Health meetings are on cable Channel 33 and 12 depending what service you have. Tune in and you wil see what is happening. Regarding the dumpsters, the Health Department, not the BOH will be inspecting the dumpsters and the trucks that pick up the trash..If you have complaints refer them to the Health Director.
Bob August 19, 2011 at 07:41 PM
Another "nail in the coffin" for Tewksbury being known as "unfriendly towards business", and that's putting it mildly. Now with a dumpster fee that reputation will be re-enforced. It seems the town is trying hard to GOUGE its residents and businesses.
Lauren August 21, 2011 at 08:44 PM
How about some sort of rule about dumpsters not being emptied by beeping and banging trucks before 6am? Can't tell you how many times I have been woken up between 4-6am by a garbage truck emptying a business dumpster.
Mary Ellen Fernald August 21, 2011 at 10:18 PM
I believe if you check, the dumpsters can't be used between 8pm and 8am. No pickups before 8am. Check with the health dept, they have all the rules. I agree in no pickups before 8am.


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