In Business: Town Meeting Warrant Is Open

Citizens have until March 1 to submit requests to be placed before Town Meeting.

A ban on smoking in Belmont playgrounds and consolidating the town and school building departments; those are just two articles recently placed into Town Meeting Warrants by average resident using a citizen petition that ended up being approved by the Town Meeting representatives.

Now it is your opportunity to submit your own citizen petition as the Belmont Board of Selectmen announced that the annual Town Meeting Warrant will officially be open today, Jan. 30, at 9 a.m.

Proposed articles to be included on the Warrant for the annual Town Meeting must be submitted in duplicate to the Office of the Town Administrator located at Town Hall, 455 Concord Ave. by noon, Friday, March 1.

Except for procedural matters, all subjects brought before Town Meeting shall be placed on Warrants issued by the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen shall receive all requests for inclusion on the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting, including all citizen petitions that must be certified by the Town Clerk.

All requests to place items on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant shall be in writing, and each request for a particular subject shall be submitted as a separate petition.

Proposed articles submitted after the deadline will not be considered for inclusion in the April Annual Town Meeting Warrant.

Warrant articles proposed by Citizen Petition must be submitted to the Town Clerk by Noon Friday, March 1. The final language of the Citizen Petition Warrant Article, signed by at least 10 registered voters of the Town of Belmont, must be certified by the Town Clerk prior to insertion in the Annual Town Meeting Warrant. It is recommended that Citizen Petitions contain at least 20 signatures to ensure that the required 10 can be certified for inclusion on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant.

For more information, please visit the Town’s website or contact Kellie Hebert, Assistant Town Administrator, in the Town Administrator’s Office at 617-993-2610 or khebert@belmont-ma.gov. 


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