Sears Pulls Papers, Setting Up State Representative Rematch

Doug Sears and Jim Miceli ran a heated campaign two years ago, and a rematch is on the horizon.

Doug Sears is running for State Representative. (File Photo)
Doug Sears is running for State Representative. (File Photo)
Former Tewksbury selectman Doug Sears, who ran unsuccessfully for Town Moderator, pulled papers this week and said he plans to run for State Representative this fall against longtime incumbent Jim Miceli.

The pair ran a heated campaign two years ago, but it was Miceli who won reelection easily. Sears said he learned valuable lessons that campaign, and believes it will pay off this time around.

"That was the first time out of the box, and having never done it before I wasn't sure exactly what was needed. I now am," said Sears. "(Elected officials such as Miceli) supported Jerry Selissen for Moderator, which kind of forced my hand a bit, shall we say. By their making me not the Moderator, it made the decision for me to run for 19th Middlesex."

Miceli said on Wednesday that he welcomes the competition, adding that nearly every year he has been in office, he earned his position by running successfully opposed.

"When you're in office, you expect that to happen," said Miceli. "To get an encore from this gentleman, so be it. I'm ready to go and we'll put on a very aggressive campaign."

The race two years ago featured jabs throughout, and that year's debate was particularly heated at times.

Sears said he does not expect to run the same campaign this time around.

"I'm staying positive and we'll see what he does," said Sears. "He has his way of doing things. I'm going to stay positive."

The former selectman said that the main reason he is running against Miceli is that he believes the veteran politician is "losing touch," a claim Miceli strongly denies.

"That is absolutely ludicrous," Miceli said. "I'm more in touch with my constituency than anyone I know."
Bob April 12, 2014 at 07:40 PM
Also Steve, the T was supposed to be a self sustaining authority that paid for itself like Mass Port. Now, we have our wealth redistributed to them as well.
George April 12, 2014 at 11:36 PM
Perhaps 27% this time?
Gordon Pickguard April 13, 2014 at 03:06 AM
All this talk about spending is making what's left of my hair hurt ! We need to cut spending at both the state and local level. Project what percentage of your retirement income will be eaten up by property taxes and then convince me that we must keep giving raises and funding pensions and health care. I thought so.
Donna Marie Robitaille April 18, 2014 at 08:17 AM
Dear Mr.Wentworth, Please keep in mind that Route 38 is OUR MAIN STREET! I can appreciate and understand a lot of what you say. I applaud your efforts to not sit back and ignore what you believe can change for the betterment of this community. My comment is not to debate which candidate would best serve Tewksbury. It is to respectfully ask you to refrain from saying it is a state road as meaning the mess is Their problem. The awful road conditions, lack of sidewalks,crosswalks AND dangerous intersections are OUR problem. WE,the town of Tewksbury created one of the highest to capacity for traffic Main Streets in the state of Massachusetts. You have never replied to me so I do not expect a response. I am not writing to discuss my feelings. I am writing to ask you to please please research the facts. Tewksbury's growth , is the reason our residents face these daily issues in their lives. The lack of funding or attention for sidewalks,crosswalks,road improvements and help with horrific conditions at all our intersections is not the state's problem. I have to say so, not just for the reality of good reasons, but for the fact that the state highway department has made that clear a long time ago. The past decisions of town boards and residents -to grow and grow and grow...survives our present town officials. Also, the fact that the Town of Tewksbury wants to continue to offer incentives to newcomers is extremely unfair to our residents. Why should we give tax breaks to anyone if the residents can't be helped in the same way. NO incentives No deals for large companies and future development as long as OUR RESIDENTS are getting NO breaks. It is time to care about the people struggling to make ends meet NOT to care about big business and their pocketbooks. Large corporations,big developers and BioTech companies..could care the less about us. They will be counting their profits as Tewksbury residents read the increases in their bills. Please try to understand.
hunter April 18, 2014 at 09:37 AM
Who had 7 days, in the office pool?????


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