Selectmen Receive Update on Options For Replacing Two Fire Engines

The town is looking to purchase to previously leased fire engines to replace two engines that recently failed inspection.

Tewksbury Board of Selectmen met at the Pike House on Tuesday, Jan. 7. Photo Credit: Chris Gambon.
Tewksbury Board of Selectmen met at the Pike House on Tuesday, Jan. 7. Photo Credit: Chris Gambon.

At a brief meeting on Tuesday at the Pike House, Tewksbury Board of Selectmen got an update from Town Manager Richard Montuori on two fire engines that were taken off the road after failing to pass inspection. 

Montuori said the most cost effective option for replacing the two engines is the purchase of two trucks previously leased by other communities, one a 2008 model and the other a 2009 model, each costing $330,000. 

At a December meeting, Montuori informed the board of other options including the purchase two new engines or paying for repairs to the two trucks that had failed inspection.

It would cost the town $189,000 to refurbish the first engine, a 1999 model, and $240,000 to refurbish the second engine, a 2002 model - a new truck can cost more than $500,000, according to Montuori. 

"Add up all the costs on the used trucks, transportation and retrofitment for being housed in our stations, and it's still much cheaper than the alternative," Montuori said.

A $20,000 nonrefundable deposit would be required to complete the purchase, and it would cost $10,000 to transport each truck from their current location, near Houston, to Tewksbury on a flatbed truck.

Montuori said he plans to ask the Finance Committee to transfer the sum for the non-refundable deposit from the reserve fund. 

Town Meeting approval is required to appropriate the funds for the purchase of the two engines, which would be ready to be transported to Tewksbury in June. 

The money to purchase the two previously leased trucks would come from the stabilization fund, according to Montuori.  

While Tewksbury has been without two engines, Wilmington has stepped in and provided the town with a loaned engine. 

Montuori said Tewksbury is planning to purchase the loaner truck from Wilmington for $12,000.

Once the two leased trucks are delivered in June, the town will look to sell the Wilmington loaner engine as well as the two engines that failed inspection, according to Montuori. 
Who Me? January 14, 2014 at 03:39 PM
You as well Bob.
Donna Marie Robitaille January 14, 2014 at 04:19 PM
Bob I accept you did not mean to make a personal attack. I took it as one because I openly expressed and agreed with you about the present drug issue .And then I was hurt to hear you say the first step in AA is to admit problems or they will not be fixed. I am sorry for saying wise up or shut up but it seemed fitting for an answer in order to express my anger about what I thought was wrong of you to say. I did not mean to be rude. I was wrong.That is not me. I look forward to a campaign of positive participation and clean debates between candidates and residents. Whether we communicate or not, I hope you will give me a chance for your vote because I deserve it.
Donna Marie Robitaille January 14, 2014 at 04:28 PM
Dear Patchers I fully understand the debates here have been about Tewksbury. I complain and rejoice for the good and after all , I repeat.. the Town of Tewksbury is one of the best communities in Massachusetts in a position to attract business because of ALL we have to offer. I LOVE THIS TOWN!
TONY D January 14, 2014 at 05:32 PM
Bob, I agree. Donna's choice of words and their presentation would not be conducive to prospective commercial/industrial tenants. With her rhetoric, she is using this thread as a "soap box" for "her" ideas to run for Planning Board member. With this in mind, she certainly has not gained my vote. End of my discussion on this thread as well.
Donna Marie Robitaille January 15, 2014 at 07:43 AM
To Tony D. I think you misunderstood why Bob put a stop to the conversation. I believe Bob did so for all the right reasons. He knew.. the topic hits home and it was hard for me to talk about. It is not that you were not so kind which bothers me, it is your distorted version. To call it a Soapbox as if I would use that issue as such is bull. What happened is you witnessed two patchers talking about something difficult to discuss. As for your claim that I am here with my rhetoric, I thought during campaign time and other times when people want to express ideas and causes that Patch Comments is a place to be. Stand your ground and do not vote for me. I do not want your vote. I am asking those who know of my loyalty and love for Tewksbury to vote for me. I am asking those that do not know me to give this hometown girl the job and trust I will act in the best interests of the Town of Tewksbury.


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