State Rep. Hopeful Sears Weighs in On Wilmington Issues

Doug Sears said he the high school project is priority No. 1 while issues with public comments and the Middlesex Ave./Glen Road intersection are also on his radar.

State Representative Jim Miceli weighed in on the high school appeals process this summer. Now, his opponent in the upcoming election is offering his thoughts on the topic and other issues facing Wilmington.

Tewksbury selectman Doug Sears said the high school project is the No. 1 concern that he hears while talking to residents on the campaign trail. Sears said he understands why some parents in town may be frustrated by the process.

“If I were a parent in the Wilmington schools and my child would be on the cusp of going to a brand new school, all I have to do is look at the brand new school in Tewksbury to visualize how excited I would be,” said Sears. “If there were folks who are trying to slow it down for reasons that may be less than scientific, I might not be very happy.”

In recent years, Wilmington has faced ongoing debate about the public comments section of meetings.

Sears said he saw those issues first hand as a spectator at Wilmington’s Annual Town Meeting this spring.

“I admire the patience with which the Board of Selectmen treats dissident opinions that come before the board,” said Sears, who said he believes these issues have caused Wilmington residents to participate less in local government. “I can see how ultimate democracy can discourage participation by others.”

In addition, Sears pointed to the recent hang up with the Middlesex Ave./Glen Road intersection project as another issue facing Wilmington. He said the project needs to be a high priority because of the public safety concerns the intersection presents. 

“Having an opportunity to have jurisdiction to act in Wilmington would make this a high priority for me because it’s a high priority for those who live near this accident prone site,” said Sears. “It’s just time. It’s time that it happened.”

Though Sears is a Tewksbury resident and board member, he said he believes Wilmington residents can trust him to put their concerns at the top of his priority list.

“I have a lot to learn from Wilmington,” said Sears. “Wilmington is new territory, I want to be able to represent Wilmington as zealously as Miceli did when he started in 1977.”

Stacie October 04, 2012 at 04:17 PM
I am very confident that our State Rep Jim Miceli will be on top of the new intersection at Glen/Middlesex Ave.
Joey October 05, 2012 at 11:18 AM
I agree with Stacie
Douglas Sears October 07, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Stacie: Mr. Miceli's "on top of" Glen/Middlesex Ave. since his election to the Planning Board in 1964, as a Selectman, and while Representative since 08/30/77. [Note how he took credit for getting the funds to repair Brown/Whipple St. Bridge. which brings Wilmington who live off Nichols Street the traffic they used to have passing their doors. Perhaps he can help Tewksbury get funds for a blinking yellow light at the TW/WM end of the bridge so that the increased speeds due to the opening will not rival Glen Rd/Middlesex Ave for traffic accidents. I am working on this "blinking light" matter as Tewksbury's BOS Vice Chair with our Town Manager and my fellow BOS members.] When elected as your Representative, I will not take 48 years to get "on top of" Glen Rd/Middlesex Ave public safety challenge. It's time -- but, Stacie, it shouldn't take almost a half century for Mr. Miceli to take credit for leaving such a serious public safety challenge unresolved for those resident constituents about whose best interests he "thinks" of every night and every day -- and probably twice on Sundays!. Serving Wilmington in elected public office since 1964 -- leaving Glen/Middlesex unsafe for motorists may to some appear to represent that Mr. Miceli is "on top" of the situation, but such is not my idea of "doing a good job." It's time for action -- and when elected, I will act for the best public safety interests of those I serve. Doug


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