Town Manager Gets Glowing Review from Selectmen

Board members cite Montuori's professionalism, honesty and communication skills.

received nearly perfect marks from the Board of Selectmen this week in his annual performance review.

But he won't be receiving a raise.

Montuori, who had placed a moratorium on non-contractual pay increases for the Fiscal Year 2012 Budget, made the decision to forgo any raise that might come with a positive review.

"How could I ask other people to do something, then not do it myself? It would be ridiculous," said Montuori, after the meeting.

Board members were effusive in their praise of the work Montuori has done for the town, since coming on board in January, 2010. They cited his leadership skills in dealing with the rates, and the

Board members also praised him for his honesty, integrity and effective communication skills.

"We are very, very blessed to have you as our town manager," said Johnson. "You've made the job of the Board of Selectmen substantially easier."

Johnson told Montuori that his handling of the water and sewer issue "spoke volumes of your professionalism."

Each selectman had the chance to give their own evaluation of Montuori in open session, as the state law changed last July, placing such performance reviews under the Open Meeting Law.

Selectman Ann-Marie Stronach spoke about Montuori's cooperative working relationship with the board.

"One of the things you've done is help me be a better selectman," she said.

Selectman Doug Sears spoke about Montouri's efficiency and professionalism.

"I keep looking at this booklet (of board/town business) in front of me and it keeps getting smaller and smaller each week. Why? Because you're getting stuff done before it even gets to us," Sears told Montuori.

Selectman David Gay said he had given Montuori the highest scores possible in every category of the evaluation rubric.

"A very top-shelf, integrity, high-quality person," said Gay. "I think the town has made an exemplary choice."

Selectman Scott Wilson echoed the praise of his colleagues and lauded Montuori's consistent communication with the board. His only worry was potential burnout for Montuori. Specifically, he cited Montuori taking on the responsibilities of overseeing the Recreation Department as it gets running again without a director.

"I ask you to be careful and not overload yourself," said Wilson.

Montouri, speaking to the board, said his bigger concern was potential burnout of his department heads and employees, who've been asked to take on more and more responsibilities with recent budget cuts.

Hanson Webb March 25, 2011 at 01:31 PM
Good to hear that my sentiments as a Tewksbury Resident are being echoed by the board of selectmen. I was first on the fence, I did not agree with everything the town was and is doing but I admired the man for taking ownership of the water and sewer project and being in the hot seat. It takes a lot of courage and integrity to do that. While praise and encouragement are good, we are far from celebration, there is more work to do in healthcare cost reductions, pensions plans reforms and Economic Development in this town. I do feel comfortable with Mr. Montuori on the driver seat. So good work, keep it up and do not be afraid of making unpopular decisions, it is not a popularity contest after all. Hanson
Michael Iannacci March 25, 2011 at 02:46 PM
I agree. Mr. Montuori has been a breath of fresh air. I too am very impressed by, and continue to appreciate his hard work. For the first time, I truly feel this Town is on the right track. It is time for the personal agendas to disappear and the work toward a common good to begin. I think we finally have the right person for the job leading the way.
Karyn March 25, 2011 at 05:33 PM
Completely agree with this assessment! Mr. Montuori has done more for this Town in the mere year he's been at the helm than his predecessor had done in twenty-plus years. (Why the former was allowed to remain so long, ineffective with absolutely no people skills is a whole different topic!) Montuori's no nonsense, get it done, step up and meet the challenges and professional approach is highly commendable. His forthcoming, effective communication and willingness/approachability toward residents is refreshing and speaks volumes to his character and integrity. IMO, Mr. Montuori is a shining example of what a GREAT Town Manager SHOULD be. Congrats on a years job well done and keep up the good work! Tewksbury needs you.
Robert L Homeyer March 25, 2011 at 06:48 PM
For what it is worth...I agree too and everyone I have spoken to does also. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Montouri.


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