Vispoli WIll Not Seek Recount After Close Race

Andover selectman Alex Vispoli said he does not want a recount following last Thursday's primary in which he lost to Rep. Paul Adams by less than 1 percent.

Andover selectman Alex Vispoli lost the Republican nomination for Andover's state senate seat by 91 votes to State Rep. Paul Adams. But Vispoli announced Saturday that he does not want a recount.

In a press release, Vispoli said that he was running with the mission to put one more Republican into the Democratic-heavy state legislature.

“When I entered this race it was about adding balance and integrity to the State House," said Vispoli.

He said that calling for a recount would not aid in the effort to unseat Sen. Barry Finegold.

"For the best possible chance to defeat Senator Barry Finegold, I am putting aside my right to a recount.  This is the best thing for the party and the district,” said Vispoli. 

Adams beat Vispoli during Thursday's State Primary, garnering 50.87 percent of the votes in the Second Essex and Middlesex district, which consists of Andover, Tewksbury, Dracut and Lawrence. Adams beat Vispoli by 91 votes, with Adams' 2,648 votes to Vispoli's 2,557 votes.

Don Ordway September 09, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Alex, you made the right decision in my mind. If it was a race between parties, I would have given a recount heavier consideration. You have not surprised me by your actions; you are a true leader. You ran a great race and the voters decided. You have many good years ahead of you and I hope to see your name back on a ballot very soon. I have had the pleasure of getting toknow you a little better over the past year and the party desparately needs more people like you in the political arena. You do not wait to be led. You do have the qualities that are required to ward being a great a leader hopefully in the Commonwealth.


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