Who is the Third Party Candidate on the Senate Ballot?

Richard Heos will represent the Twelve Visions Party.


Massachusetts goes to the polls to choose its next U.S. senator on June 25.

Democratic candidate Edward Markey and Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez are looking to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry, who became Secretary of State in the Obama Adminstration, but there is a third person also on the ballot -- Richard Heos, a Woburn resident who is representing the Twelve Visions Party.

After serving in the U.S. Navy, the 66-year-old currently is self-employed and serves as an official in local area youth sports leagues.

Although Heos is a longshot, he is no stranger to politics, volunteering in several Republican organizations over the years as well as running for Mayor of Woburn in 1991.

"This race is similar in a way; I lost that one by a 7-to-1 margin," said Heos. "It was my first run for public office. This campaign now is way above my comfort level so to speak, but we hope to do very well."

However, Heos could not encapsulate his campaign or party’s platform in a nutshell, citing that it was more than 100 pages long, but he said that if elected he would strive to end all welfare entitlements and restrictions on immigration.

“We’re out to change politics as we know it, but we have to work within the system,” said Heos.  “All of this won’t happen over night with my candidacy, it will happen with the election of a president who will cut their own power and cut the bureaucracy.”

According to Heos, his candidacy is the first at the U.S. Senate level for his party, although Jill Reed gained ballot access in Colorado as a candidate of the Twelve Visions Party during the 2012 Presidential race.

More information on the Twelve Visions Party is available on their Massachusetts website.


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