Great Blogs Doug....

I think that telling us what you're doing as an elected official is better than telling us what somebody else is doing wrong. What is Doug doing for us, his constituents?

I love how these blogs keep all of us in Tewksbury abreast of the situations in our district, however.....I fail to find any of your blogs directed at what is going on with the local government?  A great blog would be one after every Board of Selectman meeting discussing what transpired, in your opinion of course, at the meeting.  Seeing your insights as to how things are going locally and what support you need from the community.  I think that you are spending alot of time doing your full-time job as a real estate attorney (as you should) and campaigning for the State seat, but not alot on the job you are elected to do.  I could be wrong and there may be a space where you are doing this.  I have alot of questions that I would love to find the answers for.  What is being done for business development on the South Tewksbury Rt38 corridor? I see construction going on in one venue (that was already occupied) but what about the rest of it?  Is residential construction being monitored as closely as is should be, I keep seeing proposals for more townhouses while watching small cottages getting replaced by large 4 bedroom homes....are we able to keep up with this infrastructure?  What is being done to hold vacant business owners accountable for their property...for example, "Funland" which is right next to business that target young children (fastfood, baseball cards and candy, ice cream shop) where a man was arrest for sexually assaulting a child?  Are we working on a way to cut down crime in the hotels that dot 495?  Could there be a policy put in place to mandate a police detail for businesses that have been habitual crime spots?  Did the board consider using Tewksbury money they payed toward the Brown St bridge that connects Wilmington to Billerica in a way that would better benefit Tewksbury?  My thoughts on these issues may be a little skewed as I live in "Southie" and consider myself a working class stiff....  I just want to be sure that somebody is holding Doug accountable while he tries to do the same to Miceli.

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denise September 27, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Rick...very good points. The Funland property is a scary thought...i would think Ginsberg would want it cleared up also, since he invested alot in the gorgeous building across the street. But about the bridge, The State picked up alot of the tab on that one, and if it helps with the flowing of traffic on Rt38, i am all for it. Doug Sears does not impress me as really working for the town, he makes it a personal argument...Thank you for your thoughts...right on.
Michael Adams September 27, 2012 at 02:21 PM
What a breath of fresh air!!! Rick, kudos for trying to hold our elected officials accountable, they are after all, looking out for the Town and us. Great points, lets add the former Caldwell Banker property on Main st, the owners need to buff that place up, vacant or not, its a disgrace! We need to get a handle on the doings of this town, I appreciate what Mr Gay is trying to do with trying to get businesses to move to town, along with others. Lets open the book and all get on the same page....I see a future for you Rick, could it be a challenge to sit on the BOS ? You have my vote! Remember Tewksbury elected officials, "All politics, is local"......
Rusty September 27, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Masshole N: Generalized term for a resident of Massachusetts......has evolved to mean any obnoxious loudmouth. The most genuine Massholes are so ignorant and belligerent that they think Masshole is a compliment.
Rick M October 04, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Hi Rusty, not sure what your post has that is relevant to my topics....are you calling Doug a Masshole or me? I'm trying to not be loud...being loud doesn't make you right.
Rick M October 04, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Thanks to both Mike and Denise. Denise, I am biased of course on the bridge living where I do, however...GREAT JOB by the police presence, especially in the morning when the kids are trying to catch the bus. Mike, I have no career aspirations in politics, however...if nobody steps up I will, but term limits would be one of the items I would push for, if for no other reason than to get out while I still can!!! "if not me, who....if not now, when?"


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