Theriault-Regan Named Next Tewksbury Assistant Superintendent

The search will begin this week for Theriault-Regan's successor as principal at Tewksbury Memorial High School.

Theriault-Regan at the ribbon cutting for Tewksbury Memorial High School. Photo Credit: File Photo.
Theriault-Regan at the ribbon cutting for Tewksbury Memorial High School. Photo Credit: File Photo.

Tewksbury Memorial High School Principal Brenda Theriault-Regan has been named the new assistant superintendent of Tewksbury Public Schools after being formally nominated at a recent School Committee meeting. 

Superintendent Dr. John O’Connor made the nomination, citing Theriault-Regan's leadership of Tewksbury Memorial High School during a transition into a new facility as just one example of the many contributions she has made to the district.

O'Connor said while a committee was formed to interview outside candidates, he felt Theriault-Regan was the most qualified candidate for the position having served within the district in various roles including as a teacher and administrator. 

"Brenda has done a tremendous job leading the high school," O'Connor said. "Her ability to engage, motivate and excite students as well as faculty factored into the decision."

Theriault-Regan has invaluable contributions to the district while at the helm of Tewksbury Memorial High School, according to O'Connor.

"In the year and a half under her leadership, we have revitalized the high school," O'Connor said. "We've added new classes, changed the way we conduct the guidance office and these are all changes Brenda has shepherded through the high school and into classrooms."

O'Connor said these accomplishments largely factored into the selection of Theriault-Regan as the next assistant superintendent.

"We need someone in leadership to integrate Common Core curriculum into the Tewksbury Public Schools curriculum."

According to O'Connor, the district will begin advertising for a new Tewksbury Memorial High School principal this week and will hopefully have made a selection by February.

Theriault-Regan will officially take over as assistant superintendent on July 1, 2014. 
Diane Mackey December 04, 2013 at 10:28 AM
Fantastic choice!
Mrs. Kravitz December 28, 2013 at 06:46 PM
Looks like Mrs. Regan is on the road to become the next superintendent. Nothing against Mrs. Regan, but in the Tewksbury schools, seems as though you have to be a friend or relative to get a job. I've seen jobs "given" to children, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. of employees. No interviews... Sickening....
Tewksbury2001 December 28, 2013 at 09:06 PM
Mrs. Kravitz, do you have any examples to back up your claim?
Diane Mackey December 29, 2013 at 02:13 AM
Mrs. Kravitz, just WHO has gotten a job in the schools who is a friend, relative, child, boyfriend or girlfriend, of an employee, that didn't deserve the position they are in? Speak up and let's hear about it! Mrs. Regan certainly deserves to be assistant superintendent. She if extremely qualified, has proven herself through innovation, effective changes, she works very well with governing bodies, and is a very dedicated educator, committed to getting the best possible for the students of Tewksbury. Why waste time with interviews, when you already have someone who has the qualifications being sought and has proven herself?
JC Murray January 18, 2014 at 01:38 PM
I encourage the superintendent to promote from within as he has some great and talented individuals in the ranks. One that comes to mind is Tom Carpenito. "Mr. C" as he is called by most student, is a strong student advocate, always willing to go above and beyond for them. He is certified as a school administrator and has degrees engineering and education. He is eager to help the students in his class as well as those outside his classroom that need help. He is easily approachable by all and would make a great high school principle for everyone at TMHS.


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