What is Your First Memory of School?

Tewksbury residents at the Livingston Street athletic complex are asked to recall early childhood memories of their time in the education system.

School is fast approaching. All Tewksbury schools open August 30, just 12 days away, if you happen to be counting. This means several things; summer is drawing to a close, the free time of adolescents will be greatly diminished in less than two weeks, and the free time of parents (the stay-at-home variety) will possibly increase.

Most children dread the end of summer vacation and the start of another school year. A few Tewksbury mothers, however, said their children were excited to see all their friends again and settle into the structured schedule of school. Whatever the emotions may be, the start of another school year often reminds those of us out of school about our days spent learning in classrooms, whether that took place several years or decades ago. Tewksbury Patch spoke with residents to see what their earliest recollections of school might be.

malcolm nichols August 21, 2011 at 01:40 PM
Every minute of your life you are learning something. We are always in school.


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