Where Will Summer Program Profits Go?

Readers applaud the way the summer programs were run but want to know what will be done with the profits.

We've received three emails over the course of the past two weeks with the same theme.

The readers applauded the manner in which the Tewksbury School Department oversaw the summer programs (previously run ). But they were wondering what would become of more than $109,000 in profits turned by the program.

For an answer, we reached out to John Lyons, director of the Tewksbury School Department's Office of Community Development.

"All of that money will go right back into the summer programs," said Lyons. "Every dime."

Lyons said he was pleased with the programs during their first year under the school department but he is hoping to see improvement and growth.

"There is always room for improvement," he said.

A the beginning of the summer, 361 students had signed up for the programs, which took place at multiple locations across town. But by the end of the summer, that number had swelled to 515.

The summer programs served students in grades K-8, in addition to the special needs Camp Pohelo. Charging a fee for the first time in 2011, Camp Pohelo saw its enrollment drop. Lyons said he hope to improve the Camp Pohelo program and build enrollment in 2012.


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