Redmen Roundup: Golf Swamps Chelmsford, Volleyball Strong At Tournament

Field hockey team sees unbeaten streak come to an end.


Tewksbury 15.5, Chelmsford 3.5

(Editor's note: This information was provided by TMHS golf Coach Jim Sullivan.)

Group 11. Tyler Slavin (Sr.) vs. Eddie Lou (Chelmsford) Win 1 Down2. Jeff Giasullo (Jr.) Win 2 Up vs. Jake Ahern (Chelmsford)
     Tyler Slavin fought very hard in this match finding himself 2 down thru six holes but then battled back to win holes 7 and 8 to tie that match up heading to the night tee. When the dust had cleared on the ninth hole Chelmsford's Eddie Lou won the hole pulled out a 1 up individual win earning 2 points for Chelmsford. Tewksbury's Jeff Giasullo had a great match that was even though the first six holes and then Jeff won hole number 7 with a par to go 1 up in the match. After just leaving a birdie put hanging on the edge of hole number 8 he went to the ninth tee one up in his match. Jeffrey then went on to win the night hole with a bogey and winning his individual match 2 up earning two points for the Redmen. The Best Ball match was halved between the teams so after the first group was finished the score was deadlocked 2 1/2 to 2 1/2.
Group 23. Pat Doherty (Sr.) vs. Tommy Connolly (Chelmsford) Flatted Match4. Derek Petti (Sr.) Win 3&2 vs. Samantha Gervais (Chelmsford)
     Pat Doherty found himself 2 up halfway through the match after the fifth hole. Unfortunately for both him and the Redmen Tommy Connolly battled back to win hole number 6 to get the match to 1 Up Doherty and then on home number 9 Connolly made a bogey opposed to Doherty's double bogey flatting the match for both players and earning 1 point for each team as well as scoring the final point that Chelmsford would score in the match. Derek Petti was well on his way to a victory on the day by jumping up 2 up through the first five holes and then finishing his match off 3&2 after the seventh hole where he made a birdie 4. Both he and Pat Doherty played extremely well together today winning their Best Ball match 4&3 to earn the Redmen another point as well. After two groups had finished the Redmen led 6 1/2 - 3 1/2.
Group 35. Mike Casey (Sr.) Win 2&1 vs. George Frascarelli (Chelmsford)6. Ryan Muise (Sr.) W 1 Up vs. Greg Gardner (Chelmsford)
     Mike Casey continued his hot play as of late by winning his third consecutive match winning 2&1. Michael is really building confidence and playing well for us lately. we couldn't be happier for him having the opportunity to see positive results for him and the team. Michael's a great kid who has work hard on his game and working to improve his game for both himself and the team and for the reason it's really easy to root for him and take pleasure in watching his success. Ryan Muise also has worked himself into a spot that we thought that he would be in from the beginning of the season getting on a good roll for himself as well. Today Ryan won his match after being 2 up thru five holes and then having his match get to even after the eighth hole. Ryan really did a good job stepping to the plate and winning the eighth hole to ear a win for himself and the team. As was the case with the prior group of Doherty and Petti, these two guys also played well together today and won their Best Ball match 3&2. As a result of their good play Casey and Muise were able to earn all five group points for the Redmen to make the score 11 1/2 to 3 1/2 Tewksbury and essentially earning the necessary points required to win the match! All that was left to this point was to see what the final score would be.
Group 47. Eric Hunter (Sr.) Win 4&3 vs. Mike Deigman (Chelmsford)8. Zach Strahan (Jr.) Win 2 Up vs. Alex DeCoste (Chelmsford)
     Eric has been a contributor for us this season but has had a little difficulty finding consistency, not unlike some other players we have but he has done a really good job of being a god teammate and stepping up and contributing to the team. Today Eric once again stepped in and did an excellent job for us. Today he went out and jumped out front early and ended his match after he finished the sixth hole, 4&3. Again, both Coach Drouin and I were happy for Eric and our team to see him step right up and take care of his business! His partner Zach Strahan, who has also been as hot as Mike Casey went out and won his match 2 up. Zack has probably been the most consistent guy for us to this point batting out of the eight spot for us. we traditionally have a strong number eight and early on we were having a tough time getting points out of that spot but Zach has really settled in there and provided us with that reliability and consistency that we are looking for. Hunter and Strahan teamed up to win their Best Ball match 3&2 playing very well together. Both guys have a calmness about them that helps them play extremely well together. 
       This was a very good win for us today getting our record to 5-3 overall and 3-3 in the Merrimack Valley Conference. Right now we are ok with where we are, we have played some very good teams already, including four of the five teams in the MVC Large, with only Andover remaining on the schedule. It was tough for all of us coming out of the gate with Central and Billerica in three of our first four matches. We were certainly disappointed with the results in those matches as far as scores went and it made it more difficult for our guys to gain their confidence but this group of players have really persevered and worked their way though that early challenge. Haverhill is equal to or better than both Central and Billerica and we went to their course 10 days or so ago and played well even though the final score didn't indicate so and that really has been our springboard ever since. Today was a really good one for us. Chelmsford is having for them a down year as far as record goes but they have played very well against the better teams in the conference and today was a great day for us. The three prior years we have played them close but just haven't been able to close the seal and finish them off to win the matches, so that's why today was so satisfying for all of us as well. 
     We have another really big challenge ahead of us this coming Thursday when we will be hosting first year MVC member North Andover at Trull Brook. They have a very strong program and tradition in golf, as is the case with many other sports, and are coming off the Division II North Golf Championship just two years ago. We look to continue out good play and keep moving forward through the season.

Field Hockey

Westford 4, Tewksbury 0

Tewksbury hung tough through the first half against a talented Westford squad. But the Grey Ghosts blew the game open open with three second half goals.

Hayley Sutherland and Nicole DePierro had strong games for the Redmen (2-1-2). Goalie Riley Ryan made some excellent saves, despite seeing her shutout streak come to an end.


Tewksbury places third in one-day tournament

(Editor's note: The following information was submitted by TMHS  Coach Jim Ray.)

On Saturday, Sept. 22 the Tewksbury High girls volleyball team traveled to Milford to participate in the Milford Volleyball Tournament.  Tewksbury competed against Hopkinton, Medway, Acton Boxboro, Taunton, Milford and league rival Billerica.  Each team played each other once in a 1 set of 25 points. 

Opening the day the Redmen faced Acton Boxboro.  “AB had a some very good outside hitters that we couldn’t contain very well”.  Middle hitters Kelli Sugrue and Jenn Iannacci dominated the middle of court making key blocks and hit around Acton’s middles.  “Kelli and Jenn played well all day.  Kelli and Jenn put the ball away almost every time they had a set”.  Tewksbury dropped the game 20-25.  

Tewksbury faced Taunton in game 2.  Putting a different line up in against Taunton, Lindsey Cossar was the lone setter.  “Lindsey did a pretty good job setting our hitter” even though Taunton kept the Redmen out of system most of the time.  “Taunton hit down the line a lot and tipped over our middles – Kelli and Jenn”.  The defense scrambled to get every ball that Taunton attacked.  Emily Dunbar, Alyson Mulloy and Joelle Simon worked very hard to keep Taunton from scoring.  Caira Fagan, playing right side had a good day making several kills. Taunton won 25-16.

In game 3 Tewksbury faced last year’s Division II State Champions Marlboro.  Junior Middle Hitter Lindsey Andella was matched up against Marlboro’s senior all-star middle.  “Lindsey was challenged up front.  She was up against a player that had a lot of experience.  I think she did a fine job making a few blocks and executing her hits around their middle”.   Junior Chelsea Porcaro was the second middle on the line-up.  “Chelsea was matched against Marlboro’s first year varsity junior middle – Chelsea had a great game making scoring on the opponent when it counted” Tewksbury dropped the game 25-12.

Next up for Tewksbury was a strong Medway team – that eventually finished tournament runner-up.  Medway was 2011 Central State quarter finalist.  “We scouted Medway earlier and saw that they hit from the middle quite often.  Our team wanted to put our regular line up in against Medway”.  The starting lineup was assigned their task to stop Medway’s tough hitting middles.  Once again Sugrue, and Iannacci were big in the middle.  Kelli and Jenn proved how tough they can be.  They blocked the strong Medway hitters and were able to turn their attacks around their blockers”.  Playing extremely well defensively were Senior Libero Tiffany Marsh and defensive specialist Alyson Mulloy.  “That combination of Tiff and Alyson is pretty good.  Together they make a pretty good duo in the back court.  They both can dig hard attacks and attack when we are not in system”.  While Marsh and Mulloy kept the Redmen in system junior setters Jenn Cobuccio and Shannon McLaughlin were able to run some plays keeping Medway from making blocks and not attack on the Redmen. Tewksbury won the game 25-18.

The momentum continued against league rival Billerica.  “We see Billerica in a few weeks from now.  Seeing them early gives us an opportunity to scout them”.  Both teams used their starting line-up and a very hard fought match ensued. Tewksbury prevailed 25-20.  Lindsey Andella, playing in the opposite position (right side) had a big game; stuff blocking Billerica’s outside hitter several times.  Tewksbury’s outside hitter Missy Cordwell played very well scoring numerous kills and recording many digs.      

Milford was next up for the Redmen.  Both teams were very balanced in attacking routes and defense.  “A few missed scoring opportunities late in the game proved to be the difference.  We hit down the line toward zone 1 and the ref called the ball out on two key attacks”.  Caria Fagan, Shannon McLaughlin and Lindsey Cossar play well in the game and Jenn Cobuccio made some good set off passes from Mulloy and Marsh.  Milford squeaked out a 25-23 win.

State division II finalist Hopkinton was the last game of the day for Tewksbury.  “Hopkinton had a very up tempo offense.  They had some quick hitters coming out of the middle and were executing a shoot attack from the outside”.  Tewksbury tried to stop the onslaught, but found it difficult.  Mulloy and Marsh worked very hard, but couldn’t come up with the ball. 

The Hopkinton squad was crowned tournament winners after defeating Medway. While that game was being played out, the consolation championship took place featuring Tewksbury and Taunton.  Taunton had defeated the Redmen earlier in the day and Tewksbury sought to even the score.  The Redmen came out strong and fast capitalizing on outstanding play be Sugrue and Iannacci in the middle, Fagan on the right. Cossar and Pocara hitting on the outside.  The setting duo of Cobuccio and McLaughlin had a lot to work with as Marsh, Mulloy and Dunbar passed well enough to keep Tewksbury in system offensively.  Tewksbury prevailed by the score 25-18. 


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