Historical Society Postpones "Scot's Heather Follies of 1861"

Event will coincide with 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.

is postponing the play "Scot's Heather Follies of 1861" from Aug. 26 and 27 until later this fall so it can be used as part of the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the Civil War.

The play will be changed so Jackson Dawson will tell you his "wounded in the Civil War" story and his winning of the 1861 Silver Medal for "new species of plant found in Middlesex County" from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. 

The play in its reconstituted form will have fewer acting positions.  They will have more tryouts to be announce in September.  The other parts of the fall program will be a September membership meeting and the second annual Cemetery Tour by Kim Zunino.  It will feature some Civil War stories about  Tewksbury natives and where they are buried.

In other Historical Society news, Dave Marcus, president is teaching a local history course in September and October as a part of the Community Education Department.  More information will be coming out in their annual fall registration booklets. 


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