Meet Civil War Vets During Cemetery Tour Friday Night

A second tour is also scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

(Editor's note: The following information was submitted by the Tewksbury Historical Society.)

Who is John Goodhue?

John Goodhue moved south from Tewksbury and when the Civil War broke out, he was forced into serving for the Confederates.  He escaped, returned to the north and joined the Union Army.  All this and more will be explained on a tour of the Tewksbury Burial Grounds and   The presents the Annual Cemetery Tour on Friday, October 21 @ 7:00 pm and on Sunday, October 23 @ 3:30pm.

Anson Clark enlisted from Tewksbury, was captured and spent time in the Libby Prison until he was freed in a prisoner exchange and then he re-enlisted in the Union Army again.  Now Anson and John were true residents to the cause.  Come and learn more about our beautiful cemetery. It will be a night to honor the people who came before us.

Friday is an evening event so bring your flashlight.  Kim Zunino, the Tour Host will mix in some Tewksbury Civil War history along with explanations of cemetery lore. Children under 12 should come on Sunday.  E-mail reservations are advised at: tewksburyhistoricalsociety@msn.com or reservations are available at the Tewksbury Library every Tuesday [3:30-5:30pm] in the Local History Room [2nd floor].  The Tour Fee is for Members - $6.00 and Non-members - $8.00.  Tewksbury had 132 veterans who served in the Civil War.

Dress for the weather and remember, bring a flashlight for Friday night's tour to meet our Civil War veterans!


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